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WhisperKOOL Wine Cellar CoolersCongratulations and Thank You for stopping at our site! You have come across a truly professional source for information on WhisperKOOL Wine Cellar Cooler Units & Systems.
On this site you will find helpful support, spec sheets, manuals, photos, videos and blog posts about the high quality WhisperKOOL products we are proud to represent. For the past few decades, WhisperKOOL has consistently produced extremely reliable wine room refrigeration equipment which has earned the brand a reputation as being one of the top manufacturers in the wine cellar industry.
Unlike many online companies, it's our pleasure to discuss your unique wine cellar refrigeration needs with you on the phone. We also appreciate feedback, such as if the sight was helpful or if something is missing, so email or call us with questions or suggestions.
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Self Contained Systems

WhisperKOOL self contained systems are our pre-charged wine cellar coolers which are simple to install.

Split Systems

Both ductless and ducted split wine cellar coolers are available from WhisperKOOL.

Ducted Systems

WhisperKOOL offers fully-ducted self contained wine cellar coolers and ducted split units.